March 4, 2010

Baracuda 5.0 GOLD

Baracuda 5.0 Lite – Have the same strategy as GOLD but is no multi currency system.

Baracuda 5.0 Lite – Perfect for a quick start

System specification
Baracuda has a built in MM control block, but even the Expert Adviser
(EA) cant give 100% estimation
• Of your situation. We advise before starting to trade on a real account
try you self on a demo account.
• Every account , demo our real need to be registered on author server.
• The system want be working without registration
Baracuda automaticly analyze the fundamental data of currency pairs.
• But it has no human factor so it cant react on “*specific situations”.

We advise don’t let the system fully out of control.

* Specific situations are War, Crysis, Elections , newyear etc.

• Don’t try to earn from 1 $ a Million.
• A lesser risk of free margin level wich use the Baracuda – lesser risk to
lose all money

We advise to look an economic calendar, before starting the expert.

• The system automaticly looks for new updates on the official website.
• The system generates a log file.
• Don’t try to start different EA’s on one account
• Automated system Baracuda is a technical tool wich helps to trade.
• If you have questions on using the system, please ask in a closed forum here

Currency Pairs: Exotic pairs are stable and are working more in FLAT .
For Example : EURCHF Config files you can find in official realese
TimeFrame: M5-H1

Pre-pay 100$ to Only till March, 8th



Please be aware of possible malfunctions of cracked version

of our Experts or any other versions bought from other sites.


if you will crack it, you will lose IMPORTANT DLL functions.

EA will trade, but cause the LOSS and not the PROFIT.

Our original Experts can be ordered only


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March 4, 2010

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March 4, 2010

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